Benedict Cumberbatch Played a Fart App w/ Stephen Spielberg 

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James Corden connects with his friend Benedict Cumberbatch, and the two remember their time playing dodgeball against a roster of American all-stars - although Benedict really set his sights on First Lady Michelle Obama. And "The Courier" star tells James how he came to play the Atomic Fart Machine with Stephen Spielberg.
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Hmm Xst
Hmm Xst 15 órája
Well, he did with Hiddleston in the war horse premier I think lololol
Isabela Brundani
Al Fer
Al Fer 4 napja
What did he fart at whose actor during James Corden's late show?
Wanda Maximoff
I’m like 5 seconds into it, and there’s already Doctor Strange mistakes: He couldn’t make a portal because he didn’t have his Sling Ring
Audrey G.
Audrey G. 9 napja
This is an older interview from when he was filming Dr. Strange in 2015-16.
Bea Gratela
Bea Gratela 3 napja
No it's not.
pameluchi 12 napja
Me encanta su look insisto se ve hermoso,her-mo-so.🥰🥰😍😍😘😘😘y su sonrisa me muero gosh.
柳岑焉 13 napja
艾婴斯,麥嘎,他有沒有見见火種大头呢,麥嘎,就是取火那位,,,??。 拿甜桶站港那位也可以見見,,,??。
Lilie Naira Santasilia
^_^ Love tat guy
Koito rob
Koito rob 14 napja
Why would you listen to ANY audiobook to go to sleep to? I do that with music, because it doesn't matter when i fall asleep. To do that to a book and then try to find the point you nodded off at would drive me bananas!
anamaria 15 napja
Lol same 1:27 yeah ben me too😂🥰
anamaria 15 napja
Bryony Quigly
Bryony Quigly 16 napja
Um, not sure why no-one's noticed, but it's STEVEN Spielberg!
Tasfia Tasfi Islam
Not Hiddleston too... 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️ I sometimes forget that behind all that dramatic character portrayals they're just two normal funny and cool guy, who plays game on fart machine app...😅😅😅😅🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣👌🏽👌🏽
ICEGEL 16 napja
Kristi Bushe
Kristi Bushe 16 napja
I actually listen to audiobooks read by him or Tom Hiddleston to relax. They have beautiful, soothing, sexy voices
The Vision
The Vision 16 napja
I wondered why my body basically goes on auto pilot at night and automatically turns on doctor strange EVERY NIGHT and goes straight to bead LOL
Lawanda Johns
Lawanda Johns 18 napja
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olga charalambous
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Laura Brown
Laura Brown 18 napja
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Cull Conic
Cull Conic 18 napja
Переведите на русский ради БОГА!!!!
Laika Constantino
Cumbersome is secretly a Millennial and I’m living for it
Kristin Eileen Evans
Good to see it's not just me that still giggles over farts
Ananya H
Ananya H 19 napja
L. Hallmark
L. Hallmark 20 napja
Men and farts . . . why are they so fascinated by them?
Fatemeh Mirzaei
Fatemeh Mirzaei 20 napja
No one: Nobody in the universe: James Corden : BeNeDiCt CaMbErBatCh
Heidi 20 napja
Look I’ll watch anything with Benedict and this sounds like a genius movie description at the end, but The NY Times was onto something because I found myself yawning partway through that spiel. 👀
sebastian alegria
Every time I see Benedict Cumberbatch, he reminds me of his Donald Trump impression during U.S. elections in 2016. On the other hand, I still don't get why he hasn't won an Oscar yet but, sooner or later he will get it like Gary Oldman, over him, I've always wanted to know; is he one of the most hatred celebrities on Jimmy Kimmel's mean tweets?
Charley 21 napja
The 37 dislikes are all from Michelle Obama
Heather Lynn I’ll Be Your Mirror Stamulis
I like how the focus is mostly on his voice, instead of the farts. That’s just great 💟
Alif Razaky Sasquaf
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Sow AG
Sow AG 23 napja
sometimes find myself wondering why I watch people like him blow about themselves.
Big D.
Big D. 23 napja
Who’s Stephen Spielberg?
Princess Daisy
Princess Daisy 24 napja
Awww, we love him so muchhhh 😊❤
Dream Studio
Dream Studio 24 napja
Gene Kim
Gene Kim 24 napja
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olga charalambous
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Irene Harnack
Irene Harnack 24 napja
Benedict, he misunderstands the whole timbre of his voice is so relaxing and soothing that he can bring a person into a state of comfort.
uxzv 25 napja
Benedict looking like a snack
Faby cho
Faby cho 25 napja
When he started telling the story I just knew Tom Hiddleston had to be there
benedict louis
benedict louis 25 napja
Vitória Assis
Vitória Assis 25 napja
CumberLay 25 napja
I need 2 British guys in my life. c Cumberbatch and Hiddleston 😏
Sophie Lee
Sophie Lee 25 napja
I am absolutely in love with Benedict Cu- Edit: sorry I fell asleep writing this comment
JANE 26 napja
STEVEN Spielberg. STEVEN. STEVEN. STEVEN. STEVEN! That person who typed the vid title has absolutely no right to work in the media industry.
G2h RC
G2h RC 26 napja
Now, him explaining his new movie has certainly the ability to put me to sleep.
Matthew Best
Matthew Best 26 napja
Stephen Spielberg smh “Steven”
N .H
N .H 26 napja
The mustache, tho... AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!...i love it😍
Sky 26 napja
Christianna 26 napja
Oh my gosh he’s the best! 😂
Nisfah Lailanjani
He is just my type😢
Clarisse Ablaza
Clarisse Ablaza 26 napja
MrTheBeast 09
MrTheBeast 09 26 napja
What is something good about Biden
GirlAlmighty Directioner
"Hey Tom, I've got the coolest app ever, wanna try it on zoom tonight?" "Sure!" *both spend the night chuckling their guts out over farts*
Wanda Maximoff
Literal five-year-olds
Nico1977 26 napja
when are you going to roast biden for falling up the stairs
shivani Sudhakar
Do a carpool ride with blackpink pls❤️
No One
No One 26 napja
Farts are hilarious. Fight me on this.
Scoopti Scooptiwoop
I would pay to see him and Tom play atomic fart :)))
Lee Johnson
Lee Johnson 26 napja
Where’s the the Biden falling down skits????
Okay 26 napja
4th day of convincing JAMES to have him Carpool Karaoke with TAYTAY!!!
Jachary Is #1
Jachary Is #1 26 napja
pls kidnap 1d and get them back together. i’m impatient
Erica Rose
Erica Rose 27 napja
So Ben’s voice is putting people to sleep while he’s enjoying a fart app. And why am I not surprised that Tom Hiddleston was playing with him? 🤣
anamaria 15 napja
I would play it too😂🥰
Shaima Rukaiya
Shaima Rukaiya 27 napja
2 people that will make me sleep while reading a book is Benedict Cumberbatch and Tom hiddleston
1 Hour Loop
1 Hour Loop 27 napja
I want Louis Tomlinson carpool karaoke
Vanessa Monti
Vanessa Monti 27 napja
Tom Hiddleston & Benedict laughing in the set of War Horse 😂😂😂💚💚
Ardisha 27 napja
I hope Sherlock’s team wins next time they play Dodgeball lol I was supporting team UK 🇬🇧
lea sophie
lea sophie 27 napja
6 months later i'm still waiting for the one direction kidnap reunion
Christopher Bedford
James, it really is possible to compliment someone without getting your nose and tongue *right up* their arse. You should try it some time.
Narges Hemadi
Narges Hemadi 27 napja
Man I miss bendril cumbersnatch I used to have such a crush on him during sherlock
C V 22 napja
Me 2
Rubber Finger
Rubber Finger 27 napja
I though James is also a fun guy off camera, all this is fake!!
TiTaSaX 27 napja
These subtitles are the weirdest
Luce Ferrari
Luce Ferrari 27 napja
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Potato Sweet creature
alexandria young
dark_neverland 27 napja
Both him & Hiddleston have the soothing-to-sleep effect
Blanca Estela Rivera
belajar hidup
belajar hidup 28 napja
Indonesian people ga ngerti beginian hurun.info/to/vide/o4GYp6SG0mLS1tU.html😂😂😂😂
Esther 28 napja
my love for Benedict Cumberbatch and Tom Hiddleston grows every day, more and more
Sunnie 28 napja
Cute segment can't wait to see the film he's in! Sounds so cool!!
maryam moravej
maryam moravej 28 napja
Ash & Bibi [kittens]
When they mentioned that Benedict has a fav app I got too excited until i heard that it was a fart game.... I-.... 😂
Barbara Araneda
Barbara Araneda 28 napja
Hes so funny and charming. I wish he would be on social media, I can never get enough of him. But I get why he is not and I respect it 😢
merve xxx
merve xxx 28 napja
Benedict is so cute and cool 😍
Ashley Rees
Ashley Rees 28 napja
Ahh! I'm seeing The Courier tonight I'm so stoked!! Love you Ben 😘😂
Marcia Leal
Marcia Leal 24 napja
You are luck..i don't know when this film will come to Brasil..🙄
Jessy Jay
Jessy Jay 28 napja
i remember watching him play on Sherlock Holmes. his ice eyes wow..bit.ly/3vIBLdJ
Mena Skywalker
Mena Skywalker 28 napja
Shirley Nitka
Shirley Nitka 28 napja
gotta love a guy who hits Michele Obama. xo best move ever!!
antonia poleszak
Roei Magz
Roei Magz 28 napja
Did the Secret Service get to him? hahahaha
Steven Hightop
Steven Hightop 28 napja
Attention headline writer: Steven Spielberg spells his first Steven, and not Stephen
nadiahopeann panno
Benedict played so many characters his view is very courageous asif from medieval age bt why need to discuss this even why the name of great filmmaker spell was changed
Miguel Cuadrado
Miguel Cuadrado 28 napja
It's Steven Spielberg spelled with a V
Jackson Wang
Jackson Wang 28 napja
Cassandra Anne
Cassandra Anne 28 napja
His English baritones aren't nearly as soothing as Tom Hiddleston's though 😍
Barbara Araneda
Barbara Araneda 28 napja
Nooope. Benedicts voice is on another level!
i didn't ask
i didn't ask 28 napja
James pleaseeeee
i didn't ask
i didn't ask 28 napja
James please invite ATEEZ to perform on your show
i didn't ask
i didn't ask 28 napja
James please invite ATEEZ to perform on your show
i didn't ask
i didn't ask 28 napja
James please invite ATEEZ to perform on your show
i didn't ask
i didn't ask 28 napja
James please invite ATEEZ to perform on your show
i didn't ask
i didn't ask 28 napja
James please invite ATEEZ to perform on your show
i didn't ask
i didn't ask 28 napja
James please invite ATEEZ to perform on your showp
i didn't ask
i didn't ask 28 napja
James please invite ATEEZ to perform on your show
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