Biden Admits He Misses Trump - No Malarkey! 

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There's a new drummer in the studio, and James rides the new energy to deliver the headlines, including Joe Biden's first big press conference since becoming President of the United States. And James wonders if the show should add a news chyron to the screen before looking at the cursed Pepsi/Peeps collaboration. And producer Dave gets an email from Patti LuPone.
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Mary Harris
Mary Harris 4 napja
If you miss Trump bring him there and tell him in front of the news what you been wanting to telll him now not later. It’s important Joe you can do it so get up and call him and tell him to come I love you now do it.
Michał Pawlak
That thumbnail is the soyboy meme IRL XD
Aaron 6 napja
They should just make this a podcast already lol
Andela C
Andela C 9 napja
I just had to watch this few times, it’s too funny 😂 also, “Pipsi” does anyone here remember those vinyl covers back in the 80’s to put on beer cans? There was the Pipsi, and Mountain Dow choices.... 🤣😂 feeling nostalgic
Tim Wiltshire
Tim Wiltshire 10 napja
I accidentally caught a show after seeing a street 'show' by this guy , thought I'd check if it was similar , there's something about the timing surrounding his team , none of those on on screen bar 2 but the off screen investigation team he must have for the subject analysis he DELIVERS , though he ONLY reads it,,,, concerns me that some people watching think he's genius even if he's no MORE than the messenger\delivery man , NOT saying he's not funny , BUT JUST realized I'm propping him up infectious maybe???
desativado 11 napja
Justin Bieber 😂😂😂😂😂🍕🍟🌭🍔
didderjade 12 napja
Just. outstanding work from everybody involved.
Angel Tompa
Angel Tompa 13 napja
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Ahmed Sharaf
Ahmed Sharaf 13 napja
his laugh😂
Erica Play’s
Erica Play’s 13 napja
Biden isn’t fit to fucken run this country yall new that and talk voted for him makes me sick
Erica Play’s
Erica Play’s 13 napja
Y’all are now starting to all realize wtf voting blue has done to this country huh biden ain’t running things how he should and Halle hated is he lol y’all missing trump now cause I know I am we want you back 45 biden needs to be in a retirement home
Sherrie Adams
Sherrie Adams 14 napja
Dina Karimi
Dina Karimi 14 napja
what happened with the guy who was supposed to fill in for guillermo?
T. Hollie
T. Hollie 14 napja
Guillermos is meeee. I miss him. 🤣🤣 I love his laid back ness and lack of laughter on the show. Lol.
Corrin Voeller
Corrin Voeller 15 napja
I loved this. So good
Donna Ryland
Donna Ryland 15 napja
Poor sap is so eaten up with alzhemiers.
Donna Ryland
Donna Ryland 15 napja
Damn he's been around for 120 yrs. 😂😂😂😂
Apple 15 napja
Woke show
Laura Brown
Laura Brown 15 napja
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Vocal Xpressions Studio
Vocal Xpressions Studio
The Truth is!!!! Biden is #FAKE
SerpentSlayer1 15 napja
Joe Biden's mind is like a web browser, 19 tabs are open, 17 are frozen and he has no idea where the music is coming from. Baa haaa haaa haa..
SerpentSlayer1 15 napja
Bides says he was in the Senate 120 years ago. hurun.info/to/vide/aZ6Ep4aNopfW2N0.html
Shana Newman
Shana Newman 15 napja
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Maimonides Benjamin
Joe Biden was dementiating during the press conference.😂
Scott Miller
Scott Miller 15 napja
We all miss him. Biden is a disgrace and a joke lol.
WILL I AM 15 napja
We all miss President Trump. Anyway.
This it is garbage and not funny at all. Like not even a little bit.
Jean-Pierre Beaudry
I love you guiys. You’re made my 15 months of confinement bearable. James, you’re priceless.
C 16 napja
I can’t even get through 5 mins of this.
Heru- deshet
Heru- deshet 16 napja
He misses a real president.
Diana Harris
Diana Harris 16 napja
Biden was being sarcastic. No one in there right mind misses baby boohoo trump!
Randy Cleveland
Randy Cleveland 16 napja
Without Trump, Biden only has himself to blame, priceless!
Valkyreon 16 napja
It's really come a long way. Early 2020: "I watch James Corden for the witty humor and the news!" 2021: "I wonder if Guillermo is a father and Dave is having a date now!"
nikolas tapakkis
I dont watch the show obviously, but i liked the title and i wanted to add, pretty much everyone is missing Trump these days. Biden is getting the PB "MAKE AMERICA THE WORLDS LAUGHING STOCK" award, he has put more mexicans in cages, he has bombed foreign countries days after his inauguration, he didnt change anything about the police, he did nothing for gun control, he claimed a win over coronavirus when the production and order of vaccines was done under Trumps admin, he cant speak a full sentence without messing up, he cant walk up some stairs, he dazes off in the middle of a press conference, foreign leaders are snubbing him, some are just plainly bullying him and making fun off him on live TV ( Putin ). This is just so enjoyable to watch...
Virgil Reyes
Virgil Reyes 17 napja
Remember when late night shows were funny? Those were the days....
Chris Lau
Chris Lau 17 napja
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Olympia Kathaleen
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Gassedshaggy 17 napja
Biden’s a weak fool who let the grandpa with dementia be President
Martin Earl
Martin Earl 17 napja
James Corden. What a complete wanker.
Catherine H
Catherine H 17 napja
THIS News is THE BEST News !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sharyl Fernando
Sharyl Fernando 17 napja
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Dolger Hanske
Dolger Hanske 17 napja
I remember when late night shows were actually funny.
hmdoc30 17 napja
This really builds confidence in YOUR new President. You voted for Dementia Joe!
tara ratliff
tara ratliff 17 napja
Thank you for the honesty. Everyone else is lying through their teeth.
Mai Tan Khang
Mai Tan Khang 17 napja
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The Loving Tolerant Left
Funny that all you lefties here dont mention that biden piece...a demented guy.
Yalmira Rodriguez
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cem90 17 napja
Could have been a hippie
Everyone missus trump
ccm 18 napja
President Trump is the best and the most brilliant President of the United States of America 🇺🇸
The crazy anethesiologist experimentally shave because stage philosophically bat a a kindly coach. thinkable, black damage
friggincold 18 napja
the only thing this guy was ever good in was that episode of doctor who
Laura Brown
Laura Brown 18 napja
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Helen _ Patrick
Helen _ Patrick 18 napja
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Abner Catugy
Abner Catugy 18 napja
what a dumb show....how do people stand this shit
C Mc
C Mc 18 napja
There's no humor in watching a man's rapid cognitive decline! This man who is the leader of the (once) free world! It's heartbreaking and his family and everyone who is supporting him in doing this should be brought up on elder abuse charges.
chris johnston
chris johnston 18 napja
Anyone who likes this crap is brain dead
Nicky W
Nicky W 18 napja
3:05 Masterpiece😌😌😄😄 3:58 Steve was ready😄😄😄
Professor Farmgirl
Had to pause to watch a couple LJ vids.
Mónica Quezada
Mónica Quezada 18 napja
Why James hates Guillermo? (the missing the predecesor thing... amazing you didn´t pick up the intention).
Paula Curtis
Paula Curtis 18 napja
Your show has gotten funnier and I love it! The interaction with the band and other staff members is awesome! And Funny!
Sheila J
Sheila J 18 napja
I love the Late late Show. James is very intertaining. Lots of laughter🤣🤣🤣🤣
ian s
ian s 18 napja
Come on James.. you were bought and sold by the USA to promote anti Trump hysteria ... now that Biden is in power.. no jokes about stumbling on airplane stairs??,, ...no mention of forgetting questions posed by media at presidential statements at Capitol Hill???... get back to U.K. now your pathetic job is over,.. the media won...now watch .. Putin v Biden ... lol
Pirate Baird
Pirate Baird 18 napja
Observant Duck
Observant Duck 18 napja
Forget Trump. How can anyone still support Biden? He’s a train wreck!
Spidey Tavs
Spidey Tavs 18 napja
Are we going to hear anything from James on the Colorado shooting ?? He spoke about all the others but him nor both Jimmy’s have spoken about the Colorado shooting.
Sofia Saint-Hilaire
I swear this monologues are the cute for my depression
Jacob Cornell
Jacob Cornell 19 napja
Wait is jame a republican
Chris Sheehan
Chris Sheehan 19 napja
For people who hate Trump you really love talking about him. You also love talking about Joe Biden like he doesn't have Dementia
Korine ML Bernard
You guys transcend the "monologue" on late night 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👍🏾👍🏾❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🇨🇦
Ivy Bee
Ivy Bee 19 napja
Peepsey 🤣🤣🤣
K -Rae
K -Rae 19 napja
I’m loving everything that’s going on in the show it’s all so funny and real and just straight up hilarious
Eduardo Melo
Eduardo Melo 19 napja
Trump 2024💙💙
mytexas days
mytexas days 19 napja
Is this the laugh in joke wall?
Sajida M
Sajida M 19 napja
7:35 Biden
Spirit Guide
Spirit Guide 19 napja
Was he loading 50 Cal? Haha
Danielle Salerno
I'm here specifically to find out what happens with Dave and Patti LuPone
Chanderpaul Jaimangal
Joe Blow
Joe Blow 19 napja
Haven't seen a group of liberals so giddy about the actual birth of an unborn child instead of it's abortion before this, nice
Amal 19 napja
Wohoo congratulations to Guillermo!!!
Big Bertha
Big Bertha 19 napja
I miss Biden.....he hasn't been present for a year.
Troy Crews
Troy Crews 19 napja
He’ll have his stool in his diaper!!!
JessicaMichelle #KillingMSforJess
I just had the best laugh!! 😂🤣😂🤣
Janet Martina
Janet Martina 19 napja
I love love this Late Late Show, LoL. And to Ian: do not lose too much weight, I like you just the way you are/was :)
tae oh
tae oh 19 napja
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Fabled Creature
Fabled Creature 19 napja
The title needs to be 'Dave gets email response from Patti LaPone.' cuz I watched it the other day, wanted to see it again, and had to rewatch 5 episodes to find it. Not that there's anything wrong with that but... Took quite a bit of my couch time. I'm sure there's others like me.
Marven Lunn
Marven Lunn 19 napja
He became a politician 120 years ago I knew the government was hiding the secret of long life
Alaina Buchholtz
Re-election?? He wasn't elected last time!
Corina L
Corina L 19 napja
Congratulations on baby!!! Yay!¡
AM love
AM love 19 napja
GOD IS WATCHING Mr James and you know what i'm talking about. Allegedly --> selling your soul to the devil just to be famous and you can make good money is wrong PLUS you getting paid from our ALLEGEDLY --> THE AMERICAN people's taxes and the elites. God is Watching and he don't like liars especially ones that lie to millions and millions of people. GOD BLESS!
RcHydrozz 19 napja
Sure Trump is missed. Every comedian is losing material.
FreakyGyrations 19 napja
James "the woke idiot" Corden
frogs 19 napja
What about Biden mind fog moments? The bias is strong.
Sharon Sharm
Sharon Sharm 19 napja
Text Here : (Eight~ Five~ Six) (Three~ Two~ Four~) (Seven~ zero~ Seven~ zero)
andy miller
andy miller 19 napja
funny funny funny
Hakuna matata
Hakuna matata 19 napja
If trump said half the shit Biden says he’d be all over the news for weeks! And wtf were those random answers? Ask a question about kids at the border and he talks shit about infrastructure guys a loon
Beck V
Beck V 19 napja
PEEPSI! I love it! 😂
Dennis Møller
Dennis Møller 19 napja
Ofcourse everybody misses him, even You.
Marcia McDevitt
Marcia McDevitt 19 napja
“Comically speaking, it should be a less believable number of years.”
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