Chrissy Teigen Is Obsessed with '90 Day Fiance' 

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James Corden welcomes Chrissy Teigen who demanded they chat in the studio -- no more Zoom! And James asks Chrissy about what she loves about "90 Day Fiance." After, Chrissy explains to James how her and Kris Jenner launched Safely, a plant-based cleaning line.
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Brian Matt
Brian Matt Napja
I absolutely love what she is wearing. I wish she wore less :)
Sport Cards Brass Trains VideoGames
why does she look so different? .... to say the least.... im being nice.
Jolie 4 napja
her face is going to explode with all that filler!!
Anne 8 napja
It was a good interview until she was peddling her wares at the end....
Tina B
Tina B 10 napja
I love 90 Days ! I record it every week lol
skolex33 10 napja
Clearly your show is haven for all sorts of scum.
Maria Benjamin
Maria Benjamin 11 napja
Pajamas and no bra lol perfect
Lindsey Willis
Lindsey Willis 12 napja
I love her
우사민 15 napja
Pure? The only couple that I'm convinced truly love each other and will stay together for the long run in the entire series are Kenny and Armando.
우사민 14 napja
@Emilia Nilsson I mean I don't know enough about that couple to say because I didn't watch their season but apparently she is pregnant with her second child so I'm sure they're doing great!
Emilia Nilsson
Emilia Nilsson 14 napja
Yes, love them! Also Alexei and Loren.
Laura Brown
Laura Brown 15 napja
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Cuddle Bunny
Cuddle Bunny 15 napja
Im obsessed with 90 days too
Din Tas
Din Tas 16 napja
...it is better to be obsessed with 90 day stock market investment finance...#stonk #gme #wllstrtbts
l M
l M 16 napja
this comment section is so weird
Stormie Whiton
Stormie Whiton 16 napja
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The directioner Family
#kidnap 1D please WE love them!
Jennifer Vera
Jennifer Vera 17 napja
She/he. Is weird looking. She’s not vaccinated
Minh Nguyen
Minh Nguyen 17 napja
Why don’t you talk about things that actually matters? Like your fellow Asian Americans being attacked and killed.
Jackey Chen
Jackey Chen 17 napja
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Misty Valentine
Misty Valentine 17 napja
I really like Chrissy and John. I think she is so darn cute! Their whole family is adorable! They are my new favorite celebrity couple/family. I get what she says about the 90-day finance because I get into that show too!
Mariah Gerardo
Mariah Gerardo 17 napja
Celebrities, they’re just like us.
Helen _ Patrick
Helen _ Patrick 18 napja
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Ashley Campbell
Ashley Campbell 18 napja
Kidnap one direction
Evon Cossar
Evon Cossar 19 napja
I love her on Twitter but maybe not so much live :/ #sorrynotsorry #loveyoutho
TheAussieAbroad 19 napja
i mean.. if shes obsessed with it, im about to live it. If she wants to single handlely help a sister out, she can sponsor my 90 fiance visa hahaha
Harmony 19 napja
Oh my goodness, what on earth has happened to her face? How scary
Nathan 18 napja
She's not had her adrenochrome
Rebecca Diaz
Rebecca Diaz 19 napja
My parents literally watch 90 day fiancee every single night and they're like, oh my gosh so much drama!🤣
Silke 19 napja
She has the widest head I have ever seen
SonicTony Vasquez
HUrun brought me here. Why? Two of the most irrelevant irritating people. She just supposedly left Twitter and talking about it like it was her job! Big deal with so many talented and beautiful women out there. How was she ever picked to be a model. She screams Goblin face.
lunalyn 19 napja
This is the most ridiculous commercial.
missbee63 20 napja
Having cash will get you the shots. So much privilege.
Danielle Homokay
They’re giving them to anyone who wants them in Las Vegas
Maulana Azis
Maulana Azis 20 napja
Happy guys Happy live james.
CC A 20 napja
So how did she get the vaccine? Hmmm...Is she over 65? The plastic surgeries has worked. She looks young! 😂😂😂😂
Sally Skellington
Oh crap, more fake crap. Just what people seem to crave. Fake crap to make their crap seem so like crap and please someone else has pretend crap. The fabulous, beautiful people are not living like you sheeples. Damn, they have $$$$$$$$$$, we do not! Reality TV is fake crap but people eat it up like THC edibles.
kakireina 20 napja
Looks like she woke up late and rushed to James' studio in her pj's and messy hair.....no bra as always
SonicTony Vasquez
SonicTony Vasquez
Along with her no talent. Why is she even on anything?
G. A. Mendoza
G. A. Mendoza 20 napja
Me too. Since the very first season.
Jordan Kelly
Jordan Kelly 20 napja
Of course Chrissy likes 90 day fiance, that's probably the only way she could get married
Green Meany
Green Meany 20 napja
Draino the wamp. Ogres
Tammy Stranger
Tammy Stranger 20 napja
I love 90 day fiancée
Riley Scott
Riley Scott 21 napja
Someone seems to have forgotten her bra...and her pants...oopsey doosey...
Laurie 21 napja
90 DF is so far from pure. LOL!!!
Renato Neto
Renato Neto 21 napja
She’s the worst
better secret
better secret 21 napja
People are wasting their life being mean online to people for no real reason. Just know that it makes you age faster and die easier
Duchess 21 napja
Chrissy good guest
Yathanderson De Miranda Feitoza
It looks great in a pandemic 😷✌🏻
skolex33 10 napja
We are not in a pandemic. The WHO downgraded it in March 2020. Check it out.
Chuck Lambert
Chuck Lambert 21 napja
Those legs....ooh, lawd! :D Hell, that whole package is quite amazing to me, if I'm being honest. Beautiful, quirky, funny, silly, and unapologetic...yep, I totally adore her. :)
Anne 8 napja
Ok Chuck we get it already...
Araceli Soto
Araceli Soto 21 napja
I'm also obsessed with 90 fiance
Jane Doe
Jane Doe 21 napja
She’s annoying af
Jane Doe
Jane Doe 21 napja
All that shyt she be talking and she got a shot what a sheep
Jane Doe
Jane Doe 21 napja
Miss Savage
Miss Savage 21 napja
It captivates me too
Klara Stern
Klara Stern 21 napja
how... how is she already vaccinated?
Anne Day
Anne Day 17 napja
@Klara Stern nope. We're past that now. It's been 3 months. Make an appointment.
Klara Stern
Klara Stern 17 napja
@Anne Day for vulnerable people... that's why younger people tried to dress up old etc...
Anne Day
Anne Day 17 napja
This is such a weird question to be asking THREE months after vaccines were made available.
Marcia McDevitt
Marcia McDevitt 19 napja
Why are there so many people asking this?? I understand asking in January, but at this point many states have opened vaccines to everyone. It can be hard to snag an appointment but it’s getting rapidly easier. I’m not in any special category at all and I got my first one yesterday - my fiancé already got both of his last month. We’re in our 30s, not old or ill.
Gail Marie
Gail Marie 21 napja
❤️ Christie
person123 21 napja
Lol - As if Kris Jenner and Chrissy really wash their dishes all the time enough to know how drying other formulas are. So inauthentic.
person123 21 napja
Ew her privilege is so disgusting. She has no self-awareness. "I got vaccinated so I want to get out there." Well, adults in California can get it starting April1 5th so I'm glad she found a loophole? And complaining about "getting out there" when she has been on a private island vacation with friends already? Just... stop.
Carla Gonzalez Gonzalez
Please kidnap One Direction
T. G.
T. G. 21 napja
90 day fiance for bottom feeders
90 Day Betty Gibbs
Wrong!! It’s entertainment and should be taken as such! It’s a wonderful show and it wouldn’t be number one in its demographics if it wasn’t. 😁
cacia da silva
cacia da silva 21 napja
90 day fiance need invite her.
cacia da silva
cacia da silva 21 napja
@90 Day Betty Gibbs It will be so funny, because she is hilarious. James Corden could bring her, Can you imagine her trying to feed the animals in your farm LOL... I am sending you a BIG hug from Poland, this is the only show I watch and I do not miss an episode. :)
90 Day Betty Gibbs
Sure, we would invite Chrissy to the farm! 👍😄😘
Charlotte Queen
Charlotte Queen 21 napja
I’m glad she was able to get vaccinated. Essential worker? Teacher? Hmmmm? Biden’s buddy?
Charlotte Queen
Charlotte Queen 20 napja
@Vivien Dell I’m in WA, we are linked with CA and OR in our “COVID plans” and we have phases here , as do our partner states. The first to get the shots were the elderly and I believe medical staff, secondly were the essential workers (grocery, hospitals, etc) I know that you had to prove you were “essential” to get the shot. I love Chrissy and James, I loved watching and now we are in such ruins in WA that the joy turns to frustration seeing how the pandemic really hit us working folks.
Vivien Dell
Vivien Dell 21 napja
I’m not sure how things are in California, but in some states like Ohio where I live, anyone over the age of 16 can get the vaccine
Roxanne 21 napja
She is one filler injection 💉 away from becoming Micky Rourke.
Samantha Aula
Samantha Aula 21 napja
Yes, zoom sucks ass!
Ilakkiya Kiritharan
lexi lex
lexi lex 21 napja
Nissi Vlogs
Nissi Vlogs 21 napja
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Georgina Issot Smith
Hi replika Love from Georgina
S. N.
S. N. 21 napja
She's vaccinated! How did she get the vaccine?
Marcia McDevitt
Marcia McDevitt 19 napja
Uh. I got my first vaccine yesterday and I’m a boring ass 38-year-old single mom in Arizona with no conditions to put me in any special category. Lots of places are pushing the vaccines out now! It will only be a month or two before everyone who wants them will have them!
Sharon Barton
Sharon Barton 19 napja
People with money. Has to be how she got vaccinated. Or she has an underlying health condition
D J 21 napja
The fact that she loves 90 Days 😍❤️ I love it too.
90 Day Betty Gibbs
Me too!! 😄👍
meme GOD
meme GOD 21 napja
did a BEE sting her face 12544x times?
Chelsea Levai Yaakoubi
I feel the same as her with 90 day fiancé lol!
90 Day Betty Gibbs
I love it too! 😁👍
Georgina Issot Smith
Hi chelsea Love from Georgina
Lindsay piccolo
Lindsay piccolo 21 napja
Ive been obsessed sience years ago that show is life lol
Eileen A.
Eileen A. 21 napja
She forgot to put her clothes on. Quarantines over. No more pj's all day
Kamala Harrasment
Chrissy looks best when she puts on her Native American costume and headdress 🤗
eze keze
eze keze 21 napja
If you recycle her you can build an amazing playground for kids to play. Plastic trash!
90 Day Betty Gibbs
Love this and the fact that Chrissy mentioned 90 Day Fiancé! She particularly mentioned our family (Brandon and Julia who live with us on our farm) and that she loves watching the show! Chrissy is amazing and it's good to see her in the studio and not on Zoom, LOL! :-)
90 Day Betty Gibbs
Alice, I’m glad you believe everything you see on reality TV… Go back and watch the episode. I never made her do anything. I just wanted to show her her options since she came from a Third World healthcare system, LOL! Thank you so much for watching the show, we all appreciate it! :-)
Alice Gauteng
Alice Gauteng 19 napja
@90 Day Betty Gibbs If Julia was my daughter and you tried to have her get a contraceptive, I would have taken her out of there. I am sure you meant well but IT WAS HIGHLY INAPPROPRIATE. You love your son and you want whats best for him, and that admirable but please know your boundaries
90 Day Betty Gibbs
Yes, it’s really me! But I don’t know about the icon part, LOL! 😘Just a loving, caring (and ok, sometimes a little over bearing!) Mom to Brandon and Julia. 👍😄
Sam K
Sam K 21 napja
Is it really Betty? Haha what an icon
Brandon Alexander Smith
what a waste of 5 minutes
Derek Ho 2013's
Derek Ho 2013's 21 napja
James cordon Chrissy TEIGEN obsessed fiancé
LilMarybou 21 napja
Chrissy always puts a smile on my face!!!She is without a doubt the realest, unapologetically herself celebrity!!!
skolex33 10 napja
Wasn’t she a visitor to Epstein Island?
SweetBlaq Coffey
Mine too! Chrissy is a very close friend in my mind 😂
Bill A
Bill A 20 napja
She's too sexy for her shirt, so sexy that it hurts, hurts, hurts. ;D
Alba Talie Phillips
Definitely and gets sooo much hate!
Rdthugzz Dupalco
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Gregory Williams
Chrissy Teigen is so gorgeous💖😘
Sarah Pelletier
Sarah Pelletier 21 napja
The Video is really good and great
MVPboppin 21 napja
Hands down the most annoying woman on the planet. Especially on social media.
mistermayonaise 21 napja
Very odd this..Someone, who knows the only thing he/she's there,like with all guest ,is to sell something.It's always a add.Getting in guest,whatever show you'll watch, it's never being interested in the guest him/herself,but selling something.A book,a movie ,an album,whatever, and before that the host wants to talk about a anecdote they talked about several hours before showing up,but what the heck,totally in love with something but she can't tell why? Not finding words,and the ones found are wrong, but okay,seems enough to let James watch it (???) so let's move on to the product and cut it badly at the end of that segment..The thing she's wearing was probably to show people she wanted to talk about '90 days fiance ' pillow talk..And yes,that's a funny part of that series..You don't have to watch the series,pillow talks is just enough to make you smile/or mad/sad, about all the craziness that already happened.Commentary coming from couples that played that same game,often in bed..You just can't make that shit up..but again,it's funny..Like Teigen,going to bed, wearing this outfit,eyelashes so big it trows a shadow on her face..Don't know if she will wear those panties ,not sleeping with panties on.No,probably not.
Julie Suzanne
Julie Suzanne 20 napja
@Andrew Gutmann ummm yeah
Andrew Gutmann
Andrew Gutmann 21 napja
This comment is why you shouldn’t do drugs, kids.
Sophia 21 napja
love chrissy teigen
Nemesis Brzeczyszczykiewicz
Chrissy Teigen has a beautifully pumped face. Irrelevant Propaganda of an elite jester. I feel sorry for John Legend.
LoveTroll 21 napja
❝ _Wake up every day and ask, "Jehovah God what can _*_I_*_ do for _*_You_*_ today? _*_Who_*_ can I help you inspire today?_ ❞
Zarak Khan
Zarak Khan 21 napja
She's so sweèeeeeet!!!
mickael E-T funk
passion 😀
Saniya Ahmed
Saniya Ahmed 21 napja
Plz invite Louis Tomlinson for carpool karaoke 🥺🥺
Itzel Deanda
Itzel Deanda 21 napja
GPXgirl 21 napja
I agree!!! I started watching and I couldn't stop. I'm hooked! I watch old episodes on Hulu and I re-watch them on my DVR too. I can't help it, I love seeing people in love and finding happiness. Pillow Talk is my favorite spin off. I wish I had some girlfriends who I could binge watch it with!
Black Mouse
Black Mouse 21 napja
How has she not been canceled yet?
Black Mouse
Black Mouse 21 napja
@Amy Anderson that's all I'm saying. Glad we can agree
Amy Anderson
Amy Anderson 21 napja
@Black Mouse i agree. Gross.
Black Mouse
Black Mouse 21 napja
@Amy Anderson Just as equally stupid is her saying “little boy pageants, finally some eye candy for me”
Amy Anderson
Amy Anderson 21 napja
Because cancel culture is stupid?
rose191991 21 napja
oh 90 days fiancee is pure? lol it is so crazy and almost fake...
Ade Lovely
Ade Lovely 19 napja
@Bill A can you please please explain, and maybe some examples cause I NEEDD some real reality tv. THANKS
Bill A
Bill A 20 napja
If you crave some real-real shows, try some of the PBS stations (ex. @Create), it's as real as they come. he-he
Asylum1234 21 napja
Im the 40th person to watch this ❤️❤️❤️
Thunder Wolf
Thunder Wolf 21 napja
She loves a fake and staged show. Cool 🤷‍♀️
Tonya Howard
Tonya Howard 19 napja
@skunkie110 I 'hear' what you are saying but based on her behaviour/comments I still think she is naive. I think she tends to see the good side...
Hoa Pham
Hoa Pham 20 napja
90 Day Betty Gibbs
Please, just let her enjoy the show for God sake! Nobody criticize you for what you watch I bet, LOL!
skunkie110 21 napja
She can’t be THAT naive...she’s in the entertainment industry. Anyone working there should know how “reality” TV works.
Tonya Howard
Tonya Howard 21 napja
I think she is surprisingly naive
KYLE Y 21 napja
Not to be a dick but in all honesty...she was so cute before. Look her up from around 2010 and look at her now. I'm all for doing whatever you want with your body but dont be upset when people point out you look plastic. Cute personality and very nice but she does look...strange.
Klepto King
Klepto King 21 napja
Did you know, there's such a thing as, stare-shrinkage, where you stare at something until in shrinks, or you stare and you shrink. Most commonly done in the bedroom. Explains a bit, you think?
akram kito
akram kito 21 napja
why she dress like that in public i imagine that in her house , she dont wear any thing .
eze keze
eze keze 21 napja
At least I hope she would have some make-up on, or it will become an horror house
RealMikeTerra 21 napja
@Barbara Diffenbaugh what does that have to do with that comment
Barbara Diffenbaugh
Why is she vaccinated? What essential job does she have that made her essential??
Dominique Verbuyst
In her nighty?
Beverly Antoniou
I've just watched an advert! Bet there are more start ups more deserving of a plug!
Joshua 21 napja
Chrissy really is passionate and inspiring in retrospect.
Joshua 21 napja
@Fabrizia LN a survey or review of a past course of events or period of time
Joshua 21 napja
@Fabrizia LN no retrospect, I acutally was thinking of glasses.
Fabrizia LN
Fabrizia LN 21 napja
Retro spec? :D like "vintage glasses"? Bless the ignorance reigning on this platforms :D
Spill Your Guts w/ Chrissy Teigen
Billie Eilish Carpool Karaoke