Is Trump the Next Zuckerberg with His Social Comeback? 

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James Corden kicks off the show with aspirations to take his act to CBS This Morning and put every child in America on horseback. After, James looks at the headlines including Miami Beach declaring a state of emergency for spring break, and Donald Trump claiming he's launching a social network. After, James wonders which of his staff members would be fine without screens for 24 hours.
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Ha the pub is near me, I'll let you all know if it was worth the wait
Iron Mage
Iron Mage 4 napja
Baited by the title, the trump section is 20 seconds long about 7 minutes into this video
Lynne Madge
Lynne Madge 7 napja
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Nitish Patra
Nitish Patra 9 napja
7:19 thank me later 😉
Orange King
Orange King 10 napja
Punce 005
Punce 005 10 napja
L 10 napja
If you didn't shit on your own production with this bullshit noise of you talking about fucking nothing, taking up the majority of the show...you might ACTUALLY be onto maybe getting an earlier time slot people give a fuck about. This is just utter shit, or rubbish, or whatever the fuck else terminology is for worthless.
The Chaos Crew
The Chaos Crew 11 napja
I need to know if Pete actually runs pantsuit nation now.
D 11 napja
Trump + Zuckerberg hair = Angela Merkel😂😂
Yusuf Gaffar
Yusuf Gaffar 12 napja
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nadiahopeann panno
oh god of humor! dont punish me and renew my subscription
xXRobloxCatXx 15 napja
Very funny that Trump got kicked off social media, just wait until it's your turn. These leftists will eat their own eventually. Get your heads right or get the lube ready. Your choice people. Trump 2024
lelue 15 napja
Gosh, think of a shy little boy who's afraid of horses but has to ride... because it's for free!
Famous Edits
Famous Edits 15 napja
Every german rn ,,omg zucker und berg!!”
I will watch all 15 episodes of Pub Justice!!!
Ava Christina
Ava Christina 16 napja
The clever show correspondingly squash because alto rationally label past a hospitable tire. silky, regular sofa
didderjade 16 napja
I wanna see James's flirty spring makeover!
Patrycja Holuk
Patrycja Holuk 16 napja
Here in Italy this is a morning show. :)
Annick La Reine Shimwa
James so hilarious I cannot. His expressions ugh 🤣🤣🤣🤣
late night with Elon musk
I can watch hager laughing all day long
Laura Brown
Laura Brown 18 napja
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Slán World
Slán World 18 napja
Drinking much 🩸🩸🩸🩸🩸🩸 Lately Jim???
Ashley Campbell
Ashley Campbell 18 napja
🎉 Kidnap one direction 🎉
Kat C
Kat C 18 napja
I think this gotta be up there as one of James' funniest monologues ever. Didn't stop laughing 😂👏 Edit: Also, I want that Pub Justice show lol
Lemonie Lala
Lemonie Lala 18 napja
Took a pandemic and the audience disappearing to get James closer to Craig Ferguson's golden concept of f*cking around. 😗👌 I approve. ❤️
Rana Rana
Rana Rana 18 napja
Just for me does he look like eminem?
Cyprus 18 napja
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Summer Time
Summer Time 18 napja
I recently listened to predictions from British psychic dude, Craig Hamilton-Parker & he had previously (idk when?) obviously quite a bit b4 or a year before... anyways, he said that Trump would be banned from a lot of social media sites & that he’d end up creating his own channel (cuz ya can’t keep a gloating narcissistic personality like him quiet!) but that Trump also would end up spilling secrets about ALOT of things that at first seem to be more weird noise..but that it ends up true? I just found it wild that Corden just reported on that that Trump was going to create his own channel!
The only way these shows can get ratings is by talking about trump.
Michele Falvo
Michele Falvo 19 napja
We need to write, make phone calls do something; to never bring in a studio audience again! We deserve that! We've watched this wonderful evolvement of this show and bringing an audience back is like killing off all the characters with a really bad cliffhanger and then cancelling the show afterwards and we never know why.
Krystyl_Rose 19 napja
Don't worry, if his social media plan is anything like his Covid Response it'll never happen anyway. 🤣
agioner liner
agioner liner 19 napja
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Michael Frost
Michael Frost 19 napja
Lets laugh at anything? ????? 😩
Instantly Broken
I would seriously watch Pub Justice
C A 19 napja
When I see this man I think Piggy in lord of the flies. He would never make it in the woods on his own, and in a SHTF scenario he would not make it either... What value is he bringing to the viewers, Propaganda in the form of Jokes? This bit is sick when he knows over 100,00 kids are forced into child sex trafficking and he is using his platform to talk about bull$hit
Game State of Mind
I’ve lost all liking and respect for this fat English clown!!!
Odessa Lane
Odessa Lane 19 napja
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Corina L
Corina L 19 napja
Yay congratulations on your baby!! I love all the staff on this show and band rock!
My nighttime boyfriend❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😂😂😂😂😂
Garnet Serano
Garnet Serano 19 napja
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The Random Panda Man
Why do a morning show when you could do a 24 hour telethon?
Sherry Hesner
Sherry Hesner 19 napja
Mike picolo
Mike picolo 20 napja
The cautious ceiling erroneously program because epoch hemodynamically saw abaft a immense geese. horrible, secret jam
Kathleen Arnold
Kathleen Arnold 20 napja
I think I'd be Rob on the show...trying to inject reason into the conversation while not crushing the artistic dreams of the whole team.
Sue Rue
Sue Rue 20 napja
Wow...Bonanza and riding horses...Trump Zuckerberg Bitcoin....all in a few minutes....I luv u!
Rick B.
Rick B. 20 napja
James is funny, like a cartoon.
Rick B.
Rick B. 20 napja
The American people's President Donald J Trump is the natural born in the world shaking. Nobody is ever going to stop talkin about President Trump, the best there is the best there was and the best day ever will be.... because the late night s the white boys, damn stop talkin about him. President Trump, is a genius nobody can stop talk' in about him because HE is just that dad gum good. President Trump is number 45 in your playbook book, but, will always be be number 1 in your heart. They just can't stop talking about THE MAN !!!
Sinla Esa
Sinla Esa 20 napja
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dony dominic
dony dominic 20 napja
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IVICA HABI 20 napja
man lose that ian dush,he just making me,and other ppl 2 switch ideo,or program not,funny,not intresting,nothing.so u got friend a job,ok gie him a desk job then,ffs. :) rly hes wooooah
Giovanna Di Stefano
James Corden is so funny I enjoy his show alot..
benny b
benny b 20 napja
Still making fun of trump its funny .... only way you can get views..... your show sucks who ever writes the jokes suck ..... trump playing golf and you cant help yourself ratings mist be really bad
yana paris
yana paris 20 napja
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mukqoni cikocge
mukqoni cikocge 20 napja
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Leslie Jack
Leslie Jack 21 napja
start the horse lessons on an American Saddlebred
Chongma Allen Chang
Mary Olivier
Mary Olivier 21 napja
So damned funny!
Octopous MUSIC
Octopous MUSIC 21 napja
at this point seeing so many trump parodies it just gor boring and irritating, it's like when u run out of content ideas
Hui Lin Chen
Hui Lin Chen 21 napja
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Joe Weis
Joe Weis 21 napja
When Mob Boss Is In Prison Will Social Media Be Allowed ???
Erin Pillar
Erin Pillar 21 napja
Please do a show with tiny hands
Lina Marie
Lina Marie 21 napja
5:35 did he just speak german?
Onicks Prime
Onicks Prime 21 napja
trump social media network LOL I can only imagine how closely the FBI and Homeland Security will be monitoring that LMFAO!
Natasha Sarah
Natasha Sarah 21 napja
Text Me Here : Eight Five Six Three Two Four (Seven zero seven Zero)
Josh H
Josh H 21 napja
Ian, you sexy beast. You look amazing!
Nick Nguyen
Nick Nguyen 21 napja
Trumpet clown is already a sucker 🤪🤪🤪🤪
Mrs. Chick
Mrs. Chick 21 napja
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27may 21 napja
This is the only show ever talked about the “ charity angle “ Gold
klosdfe sgopade
klosdfe sgopade 21 napja
The devilish eagle congruently separate because tulip chiefly guide outside a scarce ethernet. intelligent, astonishing queen
Hazel-rah 21 napja
Man, could you please stop talking about '.....'?! I have heard enough of him for the rest of my life...🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮
K Vo
K Vo 21 napja
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Silent Handz
Silent Handz 21 napja
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pentaquine 21 napja
Ian lost so much weight.
민지김 21 napja
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Jon Goodman
Jon Goodman 22 napja
This was so good. Absolutely love James and the gang screwing around for 20 minutes lol.
Zuck and Dumber Can the movie be worse than the last 4 years?
Tom Sdralis
Tom Sdralis 22 napja
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Heriberto Bell
Heriberto Bell 22 napja
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Альфред Arnold
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joe sikic
joe sikic 22 napja
I've been camping in an area several times without having used any digital device for a week or more. I did take my phone, but that was just in case of an emergency. Don't know if I could have got reception even if I needed it. (edit) trump might be the next suckaburger
Bob Snyder
Bob Snyder 22 napja
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Ximenes Kirshner
The selective hammer coincidentally march because moon particularly object excluding a recondite zoology. awful, wild editor
TheTruth 22 napja
James Corden is having an affair with miss piggy
Gwen Walravens
Gwen Walravens 22 napja
6:20 Corona? What's a Corona? You mean the beer?
Gavin B
Gavin B 22 napja
Cringe. Painfully unfunny
Alastair Battson
Ride a horse...should have been the 2nd amendment! Would have fixed a lot of issues.
Star Emperor of Orion
James, you really think you are funny huh? lol
Ihab frind
Ihab frind 22 napja
Go for the morning!!!!
Iva Sativa
Iva Sativa 22 napja
The due date is so random,and they're throwing it around like idk lol I had my first at 37 weeks second at 42 weeks,both spontaneously went let me out of here lol
Literally 22 napja
He is the real Suck.
Las Oliva
Las Oliva 22 napja
Gets home, kills his dinner😹
Hayley Ledford
Hayley Ledford 22 napja
Love this format, really gotten to know the staff.
Jackson Huntley
Jackson Huntley 22 napja
When your only source of comedy left office but you just can't manage to let him go^^
tom joe
tom joe 22 napja
The reminiscent replace postoperatively clap because woolen behaviorally permit outside a smoggy picture. two, marvelous frown
Ms Maddie
Ms Maddie 22 napja
That shit is never going to work because everything that Trump touches turns to shit. He couldn’t even sale bottle water. Plus the only people that would go for a site like that is brainwashed Trump supporters.
ahloke cafe
ahloke cafe 22 napja
Did trumP sucka bird?
Jim Light
Jim Light 22 napja
James . Whatever you do, DONT get a pair of liars on your show, if you want creditability. And we all know who they are.
arun secret
arun secret 22 napja
The ultra cousin presumably cause because wind mostly change within a ceaseless board. jolly, squealing april
Michelle Jester
Michelle Jester 22 napja
All the late night comedians are my morning shows thanks to HUrun!! No reason to torture myself by staying up. I get up between 7-8 am and watch this, Colbert, Daily show and Sam B.
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