LA's Week Got Off to an Early, Rocky Start 

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James Corden kicks off the night with some huge news: the show's drummer Guillermo Brown and his wife welcomed their daughter last week. After James recaps the overnight earthquake in Los Angeles, he catches up with some new faces in the studio. And of course they tackle the headlines, from President Joe Biden considering slashing student debt to a massive Facebook data breach.
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Tracy 4 napja
Finally! Congrats Guillermo! 🎉👼🍼
dark orange
dark orange 5 napja
Pete just looks like he just returned from Cabo vacation, and then smoked weed all day, and then got drunk and then finally had a good weekend with his wife with an amazing dinner.
Kevin Ray
Kevin Ray 5 napja
This show has become a crew chat show and I didn't know how badly I needed that in my life. #neverchange
catalinacurio 5 napja
Congrats new mommy and daddy! 😊😊😊
The Williams
The Williams 6 napja
"pretty good, I got it the second try"...hhahaha
terhdnjem jrhmendh
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Justa Girl
Justa Girl 6 napja
A friend of mine and I filled a piñata with mini bottles for our boss once ^_^
Stephen Chase
Stephen Chase 7 napja
I'm glad you're #earning almost 26,400,000 subscribers and 9,000,000,000 worldwide views!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sherry Hesner
Sherry Hesner 7 napja
Love 😘
kelly allers
kelly allers 7 napja
hmm been doing miniature filled pinatas for AGES for cinco de mayo. Damn - to think i could have made a business out of this?
Alita Leavitt
Alita Leavitt 7 napja
franky 8 napja
I do like the chatty repartee
moias ghiwan
moias ghiwan 8 napja
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Adityo Tio
Adityo Tio 8 napja
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JK 8 napja
why does anyone watch this
Vi Olly
Vi Olly 8 napja
Absolutely LUV this show when it's just James and the crew and "chatty repartee" ... they don't need an audience!
TeamSixTV 8 napja
This is called "celebrating people". James Corden is king.
Emily Rose
Emily Rose 8 napja
I really wish James and stop talking to his perv-stache producer. I was OK with it during Covid for about a week. Then I stopped watching you all together until I knew you were back in the studio. Reggie is your sidekick not that balding douche bag with the want to be Timothée Chalamet haircut. Please stop cutting away to his lame jokes are not funny.
Susan Craig
Susan Craig 8 napja
I adore Guillermo's joyous addition.
Mikoto Misaka
Mikoto Misaka 9 napja
that seven percent of Americans who don't use the internet. use Owls to send their mail and laugh at muggles for not having wands. They're mmissing out.
old grey cat
old grey cat 9 napja
Hero who counted 15,000 bees. Well done:)
Raven One
Raven One 9 napja
What a cute baby!!
valerie mackey
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Sajber Sfera
Sajber Sfera 9 napja
i love this format so much i wish it never stops!
Sajber Sfera
Sajber Sfera 9 napja
OMG that baby pic is so cute :) congrats man!
Rose Morris
Rose Morris 9 napja
I was enjoying the show before the pandemic, but y'all are killin' it these days--hilarious!!!
Jean Giarrusso
You forgot connecting on CornHub!
khalid othman
khalid othman 9 napja
You’re writer are going crazy. Considering audience might some day show up.
Jithin Jacob
Jithin Jacob 9 napja
James, the reason we're all here IS for the chatty repartee!!
Rachel Swanson
Biden wasn't President last year. Orange baby was. He's doing what he can when he can. Maybe the new design will help in future pandemics.
David Bayliss
David Bayliss 9 napja
I so LOVE James' repartee with the staff - just awesome! Please keep the show just like this!!
Alex Hristova
Alex Hristova 9 napja
in biden's defense, a year ago, it wasn't up to him to create that mask contest. the guy in charge was too busy saying how it would disappear with the weather and that if it doesn't, we could try drinking bleach to make it go away.
forgotten Ones
Yall dont think its odd that james doesnt have Guillermo number? That he doesnt talk to him outside of work yet acts like he is soooo happy for him? Like if u cared about him youd have his number??? Fake as fuck
Dr. Braxy Gilkey Cruises
Congratulations Guillermo and family!!!!! 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🤗🤗🤗💖💖💖
Will Liamson
Will Liamson 9 napja
Has anyone noticed how lazy James Gordon is in that he is the only person to give a monologue sitting down?? Kind an arrogant move I'd say.
Will Liamson
Will Liamson 9 napja
It is unfair to say that the mask design improvement movement that Biden is initiating should have started a year ago when it was T***p who is responsible for the inaction of the government on this kind of innovative thinking.
Julie MacKenzie
So happy for G & his wife on the birth of their daughter. 👍😊
BigMug Bob
BigMug Bob 9 napja
My father don't use the internet or phone. He'll drive 30 miles to his buddies garage to see if its open on Saturdays or if his pickup is ready. Then repeat it again a few days later lol
MrBeans 9 napja
I donno pretty good, I got it the second try . HAHA When isnt Pete DrunK!?
Esta kavvadia
Esta kavvadia 9 napja
So happy your back I missed your funny awesome entertaining show
Dr. Mantis Toboggan
I love the energy between James and the crew. This is the best late show on TV.
Zoe Robinson
Zoe Robinson 9 napja
I am definitely here for the chat
Simone 9 napja
My sister also got pregnant 3 weeks apart. One was born on close to due date and the other was born premature at the same time. I was with her during the delivery :)
Karen E
Karen E 9 napja
But when you hit that box of wine with the stick better not be red wine or its gonna look like a murder scene. Weirder if many are at the party and in the castoff. Too much watching old crime shows maybe? When he said adults, I really thought he'd say condoms or weed candy would be in it, but now I better save all the mini bottles I can find at the liquor store for future piñata bush party.
Sarah 9 napja
Carol Edwards
Carol Edwards 9 napja
Stopped sleeping James just for the repartee
Lorena Arias
Lorena Arias 10 napja
James, President Biden was not President yet a year ago.
denise blasor
denise blasor 10 napja
This was great: "...explore a relationship... you're already single"
Sav 10 napja
gonna add to all the homies saying they like the chill vibes and I really do it’s fun I like seeing them just chat as a cast and have fun and they are all so funny it just works so well I hope they keep this up it’s nice
James Jones
James Jones 10 napja
I'm sure the producer is forcing him to do the news but it doesn't work... He's better at riffing with his staff, maybe some weird topics should be written that force his staff to say absurd answers...
Darcy Fleming
Darcy Fleming 10 napja
"hangover?" -"nah" "No hangover?" -"Still Drunk" ICONIC
Augmuse 10 napja
Hey it is a girl!
S Wood
S Wood 10 napja
Great news about Dave and Patti! We need updates, please!
J Baldwin
J Baldwin 10 napja
Haha I appreciate how half the comments are about keeping the show the way it is. Hope the studio is taking notes.
YeeSoest 10 napja
I honestly can recommend quitting all social media but HUrun and you'll lose NOTHING!! i promise
Aubrey 10 napja
That lil baby girl is perfect. Too freakin cute!
Joanne 10 napja
Have we had any updates with James's mum & dad. Been a rough ride in UK also.
Harold Brown
Harold Brown 10 napja
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Jennifer Lindsey
I bet that 7% of people that don’t use the Internet are made up of mostly low income people that can’t afford it or seniors who don’t know how to use it.
Joseph M. Davidson
I can't watch this show anymore. It's another Guillermo. Makes the show seem cheap.
feña patata
feña patata 10 napja
3:40 like chilean , i really feel that
Megan McDevitt
Megan McDevitt 10 napja
I looovvveee that ever since James mentioned the crew wearing black they’ve been able to wear colorful shirts!!
Kate Cosette
Kate Cosette 7 napja
@Megan McDevitt thank you!!🙌🏻
Megan McDevitt
Right around 6 min
Megan McDevitt
Kate Cosette
Kate Cosette 8 napja
What video did he mention that? Link?
ta2gypsy 10 napja
I went an entire year without internet. Irresponsible neighbor didn't pay their cable and when it was turned back on they changed their wifi password! hahaha had them fill out a q&a to break it! jk...
jedidiah M
jedidiah M 10 napja
Pretty good I got it the second try. He is a saint to all of us drummers lmao
Rebecca 10 napja
Yay James and the gang are back!!
Paul DeLane
Paul DeLane 10 napja
cmc1206 c
cmc1206 c 10 napja
Not funny, James must be having a bad day
Cheryl Rose
Cheryl Rose 10 napja
This is the best monologue!
mytexas days
mytexas days 10 napja
Now someone has to come up with a catchy new name for the age old pinata. Maybe pinata colada.
Anne 10 napja
Glad Guillermo’s wife and daughter both safe and healthy Also, the camera guys need be regular part of show now 👌
mytexas days
mytexas days 10 napja
I'll take a few ph.d's.
Dina Karimi
Dina Karimi 10 napja
why do people still use facebook after all this?
mytexas days
mytexas days 10 napja
What happened to James's diet? He doesn't look like he's lost any more weight than the initial 15#. Did he quit trying?
mrtonybony1 bonytony
Most unfunny person , glad you yanks love him, don't let him leave the USA, ever
Stuart W
Stuart W 10 napja
Ok James - your going downhill , the tv scenario you repeated ‘it’s so thin’ at least 8 times. Your doing this a lot - watch out.
Manic Geno
Manic Geno 10 napja
WHAT IS PATERNITY LEAVE?! Sorry I'm American I've never heard of it.. oh wait yes I have, my WIFE gets 2 weeks.
Zacbabei Yee
Zacbabei Yee 10 napja
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DR Boze
DR Boze 10 napja
I bought a property in N California a few years ago. In the disclosure were listed three potential hazards: fire, flood and cattle. Nothing about earthquakes. So I looked at the USGS site and sure enough, the area is almost quake-free. Go figure.
Mikael Biilmann
Mikael Biilmann 10 napja
"I felt something, but I'm going to have to check in the morning." 😉🤭
nbbim2012 10 napja
Rob - I didn't think about my kids, I was worried about my TV. It's new, thin & could easily topple over What an absolute riot!!!! I just love this show!!!!
Derick Johnson
Derick Johnson 10 napja
Well our interns off, doing concrete jobs, working in on honor for Stan Lee this, week, he's always the intern at every job, coffee machine has been the same, we herd we might get a glass shower in the rest rooms, strange as it may be, Reggie said, we seen what happens at the bar, maybe he should guard the break room.
lauryn kate
lauryn kate 10 napja
Love this way of your show. Beautiful Nala! Huge congrats to mumma and Guillermo!! Please keep the show this way. I feel like I know the staff! Aroha from Aotearoa New Zealand
Im Right U’re Wrong
I’m so jealous of those 7%!!! So so jealous
woodside juliusjx
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Auto DIY
Auto DIY 10 napja
I for one am staying tuned for more Patti Lupone updates! The saga continues...
Im Right U’re Wrong
This show keeps getting better ! While all those other higher rated shows are plummeting during covid.
woodside juliusjx
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Destinee M
Destinee M 10 napja
If James makes him self laugh that’s what matters 😂💓
Sierra Hunter Lewis
B E A UTIFUL Baby 😘💞💞💞
OrionsFaith 10 napja
I love seeing what new shirt the camera man has on.
Bella Tan
Bella Tan 10 napja
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Vicky B
Vicky B 10 napja
I have that same TV! But the stand it sits on that elevates it 3 ft. Weighs a TON!!!
Saniya Ahmed
Saniya Ahmed 10 napja
Plz invite Louis Tomlinson for carpool karaoke 🎤 🥺
Jones 10 napja
Gz G!
Frank Semonious
Frank Semonious 10 napja
I have nothing online that I wouldn't share publicly.
californiakayaker N6GRG
Sheesh, the north coast redwoods area is having close to a 5 every day, sometimes 2 . Shetland Islands had a over a 6 the other day, thats a first.
mytexas days
mytexas days 10 napja
Why haven't you lost more weight since you started your diet? You look the same. Stop eating so much and so often.
vcarter0723 10 napja
"And the winner of the mask contest is....." "What's that? Vaccines have hit critical mask and we're not wearing masks anymore?" "Oh well, we appreciate your months of hard work!"
Keira Wolf
Keira Wolf 10 napja
Ruthie 10 napja
Welcome to the world little princess 😍
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