The Late Late Best Condiment Debate 

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James Corden kicks off the show diving into the headlines, including President Joe Biden moving up the deadline for making all adults eligible for the COVID-19 vaccine, Russian President Vladimir Putin taking his future into his own hands for once and a potential ketchup shortage, which sparks a big discussion about favorite condiments.
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Carol Miller
Carol Miller 2 napja
IMO the American madness-addiction with hot sauce is a reflection of the lack of appreciating & enjoying food. Instead we have created abused, dead taste buds where food needs to be overwhelmed with a flavorings & heat. The best flavors are subtle but considering that most people in US are grossly overweight & unhealthy, subtly is doesn't appear to be a factor. But enjoy your tortured stomach lining when you're 80! 🤠
Missy Barbour
Missy Barbour 3 napja
12:39 We love self awareness lol
Adam Prall
Adam Prall 3 napja
Reggie desperately cutting.
DJ C 3 napja
I love malt vinegar and ketchup on my fish and chips. HP sauce sounds like it was made just for me
Ricky Lafleur
Ricky Lafleur 4 napja
Ian gets me everytime
Amanda Drake
Amanda Drake 4 napja
Omg I hope James or Reggie does HOT ONES
Jessie Albright
💋✋ Honey Mustard
Dietrich Schütz
Frankenstein's Nut Juice
Fanney47 4 napja
Vova Z
Vova Z 5 napja
Their laughing is sometimes funnier than the jokes themselves. But I’ll take that.
moias ghiwan
moias ghiwan 5 napja
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moias ghiwan
moias ghiwan 5 napja
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Abigaile Emryriddle
Yeah but as of lately if someone says I got the AstraZeneca- you’d definitely fear for them.
Cifortio 5 napja
Yeah. It's pretty scary
Rodney Downey
Rodney Downey 5 napja
Dijonnaise already exists.
Miles Law
Miles Law 5 napja
"Fine I'll do it." lol
Steven Torrey
Steven Torrey 6 napja
Just don't confuse "condiment" with "condom mint".
Gavin Vale-Smith
seriously James just go to HUrun your crew only shorts are better then the whole show
Gavin Vale-Smith
haha when staff get bored I guess
Anne B.
Anne B. 6 napja
The Vaccines are already hard to get... I haven't been able to book an appointment since this vaccine was available to people who are sick. So now I and my daughter most likely won't get a vaccine at all at this rate.
Anne B.
Anne B. 6 napja
My daughter thinks Neil DeGrasse Tyson is a blithering idiot. His theories are ridiculous.
Quinten Joris
Quinten Joris 6 napja
Professor Hitler's Nightmare Serum :'-D :'-D
akasoozie 6 napja
This feels a lot more like the old Letterman late night show. Let the Jimmies and Ellen do the corporate sponsorship give aways.
IlpallaZERO ?
IlpallaZERO ? 6 napja
For the love of god, make a mock up of "Professor Hitler's Nightmare Serum" hot sauce and put it on a T-shirt. That is the funniest @#$%ing thing I've heard all week.
Shubhada Gadgil
Hello Directioner.. Some of the directioners( including me) have decided to focus on one project at a time... So its a humble request to stream our song drag me down cause its very near to 1 billion... I hope y'all consider this comment... 💙💚💛🧡❤
brinda patel
brinda patel 6 napja
President Chálamet 😂
Mikael Biilmann
4-20...? EDIT: Aah, national holiday for cannbis culture...
one click
one click 7 napja
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Linda van brunt
great idea to get me to watch tonight if i’m awake at that time I see ya! luv ya!!!
calico27 7 napja
Dijon mustard.. I applauded too!
BethR 7 napja
Steve's hair was pretty fantastic today. I just want to fluff it up. Adorable. So much better than the scary $10k beard!!!
Greoge Westmann
Sorry man, the worst russian accent ever :-)
Kamo Mokhomo
Kamo Mokhomo 7 napja
Susan's responses kill 😂😂😂
Penelope Rose
Penelope Rose 7 napja
Sour cream tastes amazing on French fries too 🍟(don’t judge until you try it!!)
Jen Bonin
Jen Bonin 7 napja
xsakisaki 7 napja
This show this version deserves an Emmy. For what? not sure! but just get them one!!
12SidedGuy 7 napja
Colbert beat him to the Heinz sight joke.
Jennifer H
Jennifer H 7 napja
Please do not change the format EVER! The condiment banter was incredible.
Jennifer H
Jennifer H 7 napja
KGB Kisses Giggles and Butterflies. 😂🤣 ☠️
farikamo hakilm
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Dan Franco
Dan Franco 7 napja
Please keep this format. Fucking. I’m literally crying from “let’s open it up to the group”. Soooo much BS! I love it. It is very funny. Amazing. And James. You are killing it. Xoxo everyone there.
Judy Corso
Judy Corso 7 napja
Great...maybe my Osama Bin peep character will get some air play
Judy Corso
Judy Corso 7 napja
HELL yeah Malt Vinegar IS a CONDIMENT!!!
Douglas Bull
Douglas Bull 7 napja
Is Branston Pickle a condiment?
Nancy Shivani
Nancy Shivani 7 napja
Quarantine hasn't made ys mental Also us: 1:45
Mario Lanz
Mario Lanz 7 napja
These people can't even make a hyena laugh.
Cifortio 5 napja
Then why are you wasting your time watching?
Sherry Hesner
Sherry Hesner 7 napja
Tito Tim Travels
When he said dijonnaise, my first thought was the horrid concoction that is honey mustard.
Musashi Miyamoto
Corden, your Putin sounds more French than anything else.
Joseph Hinson
Joseph Hinson 8 napja
“Is that a condiment? Good question. Let’s open it up to the group” 😂😂😂
late night with Elon musk
I wish hager ♥ had some more screen time
Gaurav Bose
Gaurav Bose 8 napja
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Alita Leavitt
Alita Leavitt 8 napja
“Professor Hitlers Nightmare Juice “ 😂🤣🤟🏼🤗😁😂
Knyght Ryder
Knyght Ryder 8 napja
The news ,well it is what I crave
tehnemox 8 napja
Well, I appreciated the heinz-sight joke =)
billy walik
billy walik 8 napja
Colon Crusher
Marshall Couch
no matter how much America loves ranch (which is a lot, i know), it's not enough
didderjade 8 napja
This isn't any old sparkling late night show. This is bonafide Late Late Champagne.
Anthony Hewetson
Heinzsight is 20/20 was not cutting the mustard.
Andika Sic
Andika Sic 8 napja
This is the closest I've ever gotten to hanging out with friends since March 2020.
Penka Stoyanova
James you are hilarious!
Penka Stoyanova
Don’t mess with Putin, guys! I love you - please continue
Sean Shafer
Sean Shafer 8 napja
Buckling Kneecaps
Can we talk about how skinny Ian Carmel has become over the Pandemic time 🥳👏🏽👏🏽
Jackie Sueann
Jackie Sueann 8 napja
Who needs guests?! This is better WITHOUT celebs!✌❤😂
Anthony 8 napja
now THIS is what we call a CHAT show....just a few people literally sitting around talking about whatever
Jose Cuervo
Jose Cuervo 8 napja
Colbert (Might have been Falon) also did the Heinz sight 2020 joke. His was a lot better. For shame... lol
gigi ́s little shop
You're a joy, my joy. Bless you all!!!😘
Nemanja T
Nemanja T 8 napja
Reggie is an introvert, an introvert singer
Popular Music
Popular Music 8 napja
I really enjoy the show new format
Marta Diaz
Marta Diaz 8 napja
Did anyone else hear Dracula?
Oliwia Mackiewicz
Gosh I would love to work there
Vj Dynamix
Vj Dynamix 8 napja
Its like a hilarious groupchat now, keep it up!:D
Marcey Bullerman
I get those looks for my J&J vax, lol.
dlbrigg 8 napja
You can use Mayonnaise instead. Luckily, there are many many brands of Ketchup to shop for as an alternative.
Kariné Poghosyan
Wow, Ian as Freddie!! Massive kudos! I feel like they now have to do an actual bit with him dressed in a tank and all 🎶☺️
Lizzi From Canada
I come here for the banter
J. Antonio Varela
I had refused to give that man such credit but his Dijon Mustard answer was pure genius. I put that S**t on everything!
jacob henderson
I love that with all the negativity going on I can watch james corden and just laugh and funny nonsense
Jon Tigert
Jon Tigert 8 napja
Is this the space ghost live action reboot we haven't been asking for but definitely needed?
Sumner Svensson
You guys should probably hire more security. Putin isn't a fake joking around murderer. He's a real murderer. He's killed a lot of people.
Sumner Svensson
I'm not joking at all.
Brian Matthews
Malt Vinegar goes on fish and chips. Being English you should know this.
Vanessa Brenchley
Keep doing this, I look forward to it everyday! Makes me laugh out loud and I need this ! Makes me feel like life is worth living! 😍
Ziad Kaluf
Ziad Kaluf 8 napja
yeah I know right?
Shelby Zealand
Restaurants need to stop blaming the pandemic for the ketchup packet shortage when we all know it's because they put SEVENTEEN PACKETS in each to-go order. lol
deniseg812 8 napja
Honeymustard and Dijonassise people would go broke with me. Hate both.
Sofia Saint-Hilaire
What happened?? They posted it late a wake every morning just to watch this pls guys keep it up
Bo Hogland
Bo Hogland 8 napja
Maybe too many inside jokes and innuendos?
Victoria Sillo
I don’t know what this show has devolved into but please never change it back, this is comedy gold right here
Ziad Kaluf
Ziad Kaluf 8 napja
yeah I agree 100% with you
Jolijn van Eisden
This is better than your normal shows. I almost pied my pants laughing
Ziad Kaluf
Ziad Kaluf 8 napja
this great show like that
Dan Thompson
Dan Thompson 8 napja
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Andrew Shelly
Andrew Shelly 8 napja
Please please never bring back an audience. We need it like this forever. Funniest show ever
CAP198462 8 napja
worst part of that bit about Putin, the moment you remember that song такого как Путин and realise, he’d totally dance to that...and it works.
Rachel Krumpelman
Thank goodness I've saved 1,000 packets of ketchup. 🤣
Space Force Commander, General Stabled Genius
At one stage in my life, I ate all savory foods with Thai Sweet Chili Sauce.
CanSnowman1 8 napja
Malt vinegar...that's a good question let's open it up to the group...had me in tears. I see no reason to do this show in front of an audience ever again. It would ruin the vibe this show has developed, which makes me laugh out loud every time!
Paula, Yeah I'm a Crazy Bitch
"HEINZ" sight is 2020....very funny!!!
2 words: banana ketchup
Skyler TheCreative
David Connell
David Connell 8 napja
Ian so shmex
Reverend Monique-Marie Bray
Sorry, I meant a 2 gallon bottle for the boss. Let's not go overboard.
Reverend Monique-Marie Bray
I had a boyfriend who LOVED Tabasco sauce. For his birthday, his employees gave him a Special 22 gallon bottle. Really, i'm not joking. You know the SOB finished it in less than a year. lol
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