This Isn't a Penis, But CBS Thinks It is 

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When James covers a story about a children's toy that looks a lot like a penis, he has some questions about why the image has to be blurred.
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Wasting Jam
Ding Ding!!! 100% a penis
Jessica Jones
Jessica Jones 2 napja
Probably a toy designed by a predator to try and normalize it. This is terrible.
Vivianne Lo
Vivianne Lo 2 napja
"It is ri-DIC-ulous!" 😅🤣
C L 3 napja
Just an observation: Cordon had three things going for his show that was uniquely great. Now he has none of them. I’m seeing (IMO) that I don’t care for his show as much now. 1. Row by row money questions for the audience. 2. His food eating questions. 3. Him having more than one guest on the stage at a time.
Farnam Safarzadeh
*micheal reeves has entered the chat*
Sm Kelly
Sm Kelly 4 napja
Your nasty 🤢🤮🤒☠️👎
愚見錄 史迪生活雜記
it is, and there is different size of it
Jessie Albright
💋✋ snoopy
Jessie Albright
Jessie Albright
💋✋ schizophenia
Jessie Albright
💋✋ flight mode
andzia.zach 4 napja
I just googled it and nobody on this planet can convince me this wasn't meant to be a penis.
William Hinkel
This is a gay pride pack not kids toy's. 😂
Miss Milla
Miss Milla 7 napja
Ding Ding! ❤️
MySoulBleeds 8 napja
*cough cough* Michael Reeves
lazy homebody
lazy homebody 8 napja
Cherry Wallis ordered one from Wish and it WAS called a penis
Brendan Bernales
*That's A Rare Ding Ding !!!*
maria palomeque
why does it sound like there are turkeys as the audience
nllzh 9 napja
In Europe they for sure will not blur it
Kristine Terpening
Disgusting to , say, the VERY LEAST
Rebecca Schoenmaker
I Wanda knop what it looks like unblurred
Mélanie 9 napja
I'm glad that i'm not the only one who looked it up. Thought it wouldn't be that bad. But it is!🤣🤣
A little bit of Flexter
Samy dir
Samy dir 9 napja
it's amusing how a toy given to children is blured on a youtube video
Poemi10304 10 napja
You think that’s cute? You should see a Japanese comic called Chintsubu. Lots of the same brand of cuteness, plus romance, lol
Red Noob
Red Noob 10 napja
Its our boy Ding Ding
CorinneGames 10 napja
I hope they are just being sarcastic calling that 'massive" because if not, I feel really bad about the cards they were dealt. lmao
BGCW live
BGCW live 10 napja
Michael reeves HUrun buddy go brrrrrr
WWFYMN 10 napja
Jay In
Jay In 10 napja
I literally have this toy from 5 years ago
Bristol O'Reilly
It's probably because of the random Japanese law that anything marketed as a "toy" has to have a face, so sex toys/dildos/vibrators/etc made in japan all have little faces on them.
User 0815XY
User 0815XY 11 napja
Micheal Reeves goes brrr
My Name
My Name 11 napja
"Look at him!!!"
SteveIrwin 11 napja
What surprises me why a part of the human body would still entertains adults in this way.
Wasting Jam
Dicks are funny...
lazy homebody
lazy homebody 8 napja
I dunno. They are pretty entertaining
Rafaelappleseed 11 napja
Ayeeee that’s ding ding
Ciara Primoe
Ciara Primoe 11 napja
no way 😮😮😮🙈🙈🙈💩
Amber Curtis
Amber Curtis 12 napja
Censoring stuff on tv in the USA is weird
Debbie Vidal
Debbie Vidal 13 napja
That's American illogic for you.....the necessity to blur it out. So ridiculous One of the most depraved societies in the world and they can't show it on late night TV 🤷🤷
Tessina Rout
Tessina Rout 13 napja
It's a adult kawaii squishy, it's not praying it's the vein lmfao It is what it looks like
bee harbrow
bee harbrow 13 napja
the penis toy look like ding ding a little toy a 23 year old man has in his room and his name is Michael Reeves and it is his march so it can not be your mascot!!!!!
Long Xue
Long Xue 13 napja
dick-kun is now in telivision
Lauren 14 napja
Only a stage full of men would say that was "large"
Red8Twist 14 napja
It is one lol you guys have no idea the way Asian "cute art" is added to random adult things. That's surprising how that toy is even in that for kids. Friend has a plushie of that roflmao and a friend of their friend got gifted more of them, but as finger puppets
JessGoWithIt 14 napja
That's a ding ding! I bought one for my mother as a joke! He's the best!!!
Jannette Padilla
Corrienne Wynne Strong
If people squint ..they can get rid of the pixels .. 🙂
The Giant Pumpkin
It’s ludicrous what the Americans decide to censor.
I dont care bro I dont care
i actually have that toy, its called a "ding ding" and it has a "partner" called "mimi"
Prince Albert Nermal
I saw this in a shop and it comes with a b00b
Izy Alli
Izy Alli 15 napja
I have 2 ding dings😂
Ali 16 napja
There is not a single female in this clip...
Camille Ocsan
Camille Ocsan 16 napja
I have that toy!!! It was a gift from my sister and it’s like a squishy toy, like a stressball
Alonzo Johnson
Alonzo Johnson 15 napja
No balls 😆
Atuchy 16 napja
Is it supposed to be an axolotl?
Amal 17 napja
LOL the censorship police
S M 17 napja
Chumps todger?
Laura Brown
Laura Brown 18 napja
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Trixxxy033 18 napja
Anna Lynn
Anna Lynn 18 napja
I actually own one of them. I think they’re from Japan. It’s very squishy lol
me looking back and forth between this video and the same plush doll on my desk...
Bianca Chiareli
Bianca Chiareli 18 napja
If a had a quarter for every time they say it😂😂😂
ultramaximus 18 napja
What is it supposed to be?
Jragon 18 napja
Michael making the big leagues 🥶
Soin 1D
Soin 1D 18 napja
i feel like these are the types of conversations middle school boys have 😭
William The physicist
omg hi I stan your channel
Arima Mutia S
Arima Mutia S 11 napja
omg hi queen!
AinoN Nuunu
AinoN Nuunu 12 napja
Ana Beatriz Lanaro
Jessica Filler
Jessica Filler 19 napja
Look up the ding ding commercial... Just trust me🤣
Patricia’s Primer Jardín
I hope Stormy Daniels doesn’t watch this. It will give her nightmares 🍄 🤣🤣🤣
JiNG Ang
JiNG Ang 19 napja
It looks like the keycap that is sold on taobao ... it is a ding ding keycap 😀
Nick Name
Nick Name 19 napja
do you know that there're actually different sizes? and there's another toy from this "series" looks like tlis?
Sherry Hesner
Sherry Hesner 19 napja
TheLazerSam 19 napja
ay yo o7 to ding ding
Will Cheah
Will Cheah 19 napja
Ding Ding will be proud of Michael Reeve
Trey Cary
Trey Cary 20 napja
Boys will be boys🤣🤣
Faceless 870
Faceless 870 20 napja
Little does everyone know that Micheal reeves’ patented rubber ding ding buddy has now gone world wide
Elysia Tan
Elysia Tan 20 napja
I love it. I have a stuffed toy of him.
SunnyLavender 20 napja
can i just-
🐰 give it to me 😂
TeeCee Fitzgerald
Y'all 2 Much....In Tears....
Michelle Westwood
Omg how did this pass all regulations ...everybody thought this would be alright for kids??? Lmao 🤣 it's funny but also really gross.
Raghav Rawat
Raghav Rawat 20 napja
theomegared02 21 napja
This was super funny!
Aaron Beharry
Aaron Beharry 21 napja
Melody Mathilde
Melody Mathilde 21 napja
I don’t know why we need to see this. God this is trauma inducing.
Alaire Faye
Alaire Faye 21 napja
Its a damn LIE about that "toy" not being a choking hazzard cuz soon as James said that, I choked on my tea!!!!
Sajtlik 13 napja
Same thing here with a coffee!
Sky m
Sky m 21 napja
I've seen these for sale on aliexpress smh
kevyak 21 napja
eBay also
Rhonda Browne
Rhonda Browne 21 napja
He sounds a lot like Peter rabbit Oh yeah he was the voice of Peter rabbit...
Stjepan Grgosevic
It's RiDICKulous
X talia_Z
X talia_Z 21 napja
I had to search it on how it actually looks like lol
Nellie K. Adaba
Nellie K. Adaba 21 napja
GDMeowAsia 21 napja
0:33 I heard an evil laughter
Dianna Tiotuyco
Dianna Tiotuyco 21 napja
Maybe it’s a mushroom 😂
old grey cat
old grey cat 21 napja
You got me at "not a choking hazard." One "like" well earned.
Xandy Licious
Xandy Licious 21 napja
Actually i have 2 of them, its so squishy and i put them infront of my mirror.... its cute 🤗🤗🤗
Najibah 22 napja
I think it's a blobfish
Terry H
Terry H 22 napja
REALLY!!!... it is 2021 and they have to blur out a toy that looks like a penis??? well, i bet money there is not a single penis on the planet that looks like that stupid squashed fat little thing. how sad society has become.
Pedro Paulo Oliveira
Is it just me or has he been wearing a lot of gucci ties?
Karthick Karthick
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StudeSteve62 22 napja
"Bring it back up"...Seems to be no need, James...😁
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Palaypay Shirly 22 napja
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Stooping Falcon
Stooping Falcon 22 napja
I just could not stop laughing through this entire video lol. If you DO adopt him as a mascot, what will you call him?
At least this one does deserve the controversy. (like the Play-Doh Sweet Shoppe Cake Mountain Playset's Icing Extruder) Remember the Playgro Teething Butterfly that some idiot said looked like a penis? No where near this yet people were huffy.
Purple Swallow Pottery by Cheyann Hiderman
Ding Ding! For my Bachelorette party we hid these about and when you found one you got a prize! But ever since they've remained a fixture of my parents household. Hidden about for guests to stumble upon. Hidden in the fridge, medicine cabinets, cupboards, windows and stuck to the walls in very peculiar places..... all 25 of them 😳🍆
Samantha Morris
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