Will Patti LuPone Go To Brunch With Producer Dave? 

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A discussion about celebrity names unexpectedly morphs into a campaign to get our producer Dave Piendak to ask his idol, Broadway legend Patti LuPone, to brunch. Afterwards, James turns his attention to the big headlines of the day like the return of Major Biden to The White House - but things quickly go back off the rails when Patti replies!
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The Late Late Show with James Corden
Smash that 👍 if you wanna got to brunch with Dave
Richard Carrillo
Tristen Ashton
@Stefan Tristian Awesome! Took like 10 mins but it actually worked!!
Stefan Tristian
Dunno if anyone gives a shit but in less than 15 minutes I hacked my girlfriends Instagram account using Instapwn. Cant link here so search for it on google if you care
Bill Bowers
Bill Bowers 18 napja
Dave is 🔥🔥🥰
mina luca
mina luca 18 napja
dave and patti?
Jade Spades
Jade Spades Órája
I think I just realised why I never date. Thanks for the harsh lesson. 😵😂
Anthony Napja
Dang Dave lol since hearing the dude laugh, now I pick out his laugh in any of these clips 🤣
Good luck, Dave!!!
Mimi YuYu
Mimi YuYu 2 napja
Dave: this is where it ends. Pleaseeeee
Mimi YuYu
Mimi YuYu 2 napja
I love the absence of the audience. Fins Up!
Cat Life
Cat Life 7 napja
Marie Fiedler
Marie Fiedler 7 napja
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Danny Woo
Danny Woo 7 napja
James not cool.
Danny Woo
Danny Woo 7 napja
No!, don't be stupid.
Gaurav Bose
Gaurav Bose 9 napja
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Hui Lin Chen
Hui Lin Chen 9 napja
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Linda Blue
Linda Blue 9 napja
Thanks for making us laugh so hard during the pandemic lockdowns.
Linda Blue
Linda Blue 9 napja
I am so glad that you guys aren't on my team for trying to get me a date. Although............maybe I could use the help. lol! Just not being bullied into it. But being bullied into it otherwise I'd never do it either. lol! I see what you did there.
Vladimir Sergeyev
i wish i could like it twice
AC NYC 11 napja
Who is patti laponne?
didderjade 12 napja
The improv theatricality of this show these days. Fan-fucking-tastic.
Dina Karimi
Dina Karimi 14 napja
The greatest part is i dont know whats rehearsed and whats not
Dina Karimi
Dina Karimi 14 napja
someone get Dave some milk lmao
Dina Karimi
Dina Karimi 14 napja
Im sure Patti LuPone had a BLAST watching this lmao.
Roberta Hubert
Roberta Hubert 14 napja
This show is by far the funniest. I love how James includes his entire staff in his monologue they are all so funny. I love it❤️❤️
1pt21gw 14 napja
I want to work on this show. Looks like a lot of fun.
Steven Torrey
Steven Torrey 15 napja
Patti Lupone--the restraining order is in the mail!
PA Dance Network & PA Dance Vision
Edwin Szeto
Edwin Szeto 16 napja
they really better have a follow up
Oge Marony
Oge Marony 16 napja
I love this show 😅
Jithin Jacob
Jithin Jacob 16 napja
Lol! Armie's name being mentioned was hilarious! I just hope all the problems with hammer doesn't lead to them not making a sequel to the Man from UNCLE. I loved that movie!
MattyC 16 napja
Luthien S
Luthien S 17 napja
Recently fell in love with James Corden and crew after Trevor Noah came on, and after catching up from last year there is no denying Ian has lost up to 10 bowling balls. As far as Dave's brunch: yolo :)
An R
An R 17 napja
I wish I had the option of inviting Patti LuPone to lunch...
Natasha LHC
Natasha LHC 17 napja
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firefly81 17 napja
Dave has the nicest laugh! 😃
Sangeetha Sivananthan
Armie Hammer 💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀
Melanie Melons
Melanie Melons 17 napja
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Don Perera
Don Perera 17 napja
I really don't like how James forces his staff to do shit they don't want to... I've lost quite a bit of respect for him
ChainsawBunny 17 napja
James Corden and Co. are killing it! They all seem so much happier and at ease in this format. We live for the banter. MOAR PLZ
B B 17 napja
donny Smacks
donny Smacks 18 napja
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Laura Brown
Laura Brown 18 napja
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jessthemuse 18 napja
I've said it before and I'll say it again, watching them laugh together is just fabulous!
Kristi 18 napja
I don’t enjoy watching James making his staff squirm that badly. It gives me the sense that James cordon is a bully.
Matt 18 napja
I just want the show to stay this way from now on. Even when there is no lockdown. Keep it like this.
Maurice Mitchell
Poor Dave!!!😂 Do not give up these chats...that salad booth reference!!!
Pam R
Pam R 18 napja
Pepper Potts
Pepper Potts 18 napja
Never, ever, EVER bring back a live audience. This was pure gold! James Corden and Seth Meyers are the rock stars of late night - throughout the pandemic, they have both proved that they are effortlessly funny human beings. Their ability to ad lib and go off script is genius. This entire monologue was laugh out loud funny!
Laurie Licuanan
Laurie Licuanan 18 napja
Love you ALL!!
Sephin Alexander
PLEASE don't bring back the audience. Fallon's had a similar vibe and now the audience is back and it feels good but meh...so PLEASEE!!!!
Shannon Jacobs
Shannon Jacobs 19 napja
Nothing can be fixed without fixing the filibuster first. How about 55% population-based cloture? Turns out the Democrats already represent 55% of the voters. Presto chango, no more filibusters. #BlockTheBlockheads
Gabi Douglas
Gabi Douglas 19 napja
So Freakin Funny!! 😀😅🤣😂😭😆
Pure Servers
Pure Servers 19 napja
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Caro Lune
Caro Lune 19 napja
Theron is pronounced Teron in SA.
Shane 19 napja
I absolutely love you JC. Thankyou and your team for keeping my spirits up this last year. ☺
tae oh
tae oh 19 napja
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olga charalambous
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Michelle Fu
Michelle Fu 19 napja
James Corden.....brunch?
Fred Ongom
Fred Ongom 19 napja
The coffee short was announced by Irish Times ???😏
MadriFilmArt 19 napja
This was absolute f*cking hilarity, every minute!
Magaret Schaal
Magaret Schaal 19 napja
So I couldn't stay up to watch last night. Isn't there a new video??? Is there a brunch date?? Patti's reaction to the airing of the show??? Help. Great fun in monologues. Keep up the good humor
Ali S.
Ali S. 20 napja
Best episode.
9:38 awesome james you showed the irish times. I'm Irish born and raised. That's cool you advertised the irish times newspaper like that!
Akanksha Chawla
Akanksha Chawla 20 napja
These monologs have been getting loner with each upload and I LOVE it
MrBeans 20 napja
lol Dave's so nervous
Susan J.
Susan J. 20 napja
That's so peer pressure.. hilarious but so cringy!
Carol 20 napja
Zaid Zubir
Zaid Zubir 20 napja
Please keep this format of the show even after everything is back to normal. This is the definition of joy
Jiggle Wiggle
Jiggle Wiggle 20 napja
I don't know what I'm gonna do if they f*ing bring the audience back! I will just watch his no audience monologues.
Clumsy Red
Clumsy Red 20 napja
Everyone’s happiness, their laughter, their smiles, just makes me SO freaking Happpyyyyy. Everyone on the show is a breath of fresh air!! One big family, it’s really wholesome!💖
Dany Stormborn
Dany Stormborn 20 napja
I’m genuinely belly laughing.... only 2 hosts can do that. James & Trevor. Edit: if only Trevor had people to interact with that were this awesome. Feels like they aren’t friends like these guys.
Lillian Cruz
Lillian Cruz 20 napja
The same people that make Kellogg’s Bran....their machine broke ...there was a shortage a few years ago.
Senthil Kumar
Senthil Kumar 20 napja
Reggie resembles "Boris the animal" or is it just my eyes?
Bee Bold
Bee Bold 20 napja
OMG 😂😂😂😂😂
Peter Wagner
Peter Wagner 20 napja
This Patti Lapone bit is even funnier, if that’s possible, on the second, and third, viewing.
Sharon Holley
Sharon Holley 21 napja
I’m laughing through tears, please keep this up!
Jay Jay
Jay Jay 21 napja
This is probably one of the best non carpool segments I've ever seen from James and the team..fingers crossed it'll blow up like crazy!
Marz Tye
Marz Tye 21 napja
Ok ok ok. Can someone please explain the Salad booth joke to me. Ive watched the clip when Reggie gets in it but i still don't get it. I know im missing something...
Marz Tye
Marz Tye 20 napja
@No One Ohhh fair enough. I just got really confused because everyone was in tears laughing anf thought that i missed the joke somewhere along the line. Thanks heaps for the reply No One. Much appreciated.
No One
No One 20 napja
That’s really all there is to it. It was a lame bit that didn’t get many laughs, but they kept it in the show anyway. So the callback is just making fun of the fact that it didn’t work the first time around.
Elena Violante
Elena Violante 21 napja
I desperately want a compilation of like all the bloopers and so on (like e.g when the salat booth got sent out too soon)
N Marshall
N Marshall 21 napja
Dear Crew, Please do a Patti followup ...
No One
No One 20 napja
They didn’t upload the clip, but at the end of Thursday night’s show, Dave reveals he got an email from Patti where she agrees to go out with him for brunch and gives him her number.
Marz Tye
Marz Tye 21 napja
This has got to be peer group pressure at it's absolute best!!
Sadie Virtue
Sadie Virtue 21 napja
Omg, this is hilarious! 🤣🤣🤣 James is so bad! Dave should call in sick tomorrow and text to say he's at brunch with Patti LuPone!
C 11
C 11 21 napja
You are such a great bunch for brunch 😊✨😀😄❤️✨✨✨✨🧚‍♂️☀️😀
Nick S
Nick S 21 napja
Susan Hilton
Susan Hilton 21 napja
You are happy to do this every day, we are happy to watch every day, Thankyou
12bumble24 21 napja
Tim was blummin brilliant in this, vibrant in his tiger suit and obviously aglow for his anniversary... a joy to see.
Carla Gonzalez Gonzalez
James please kidnap One Direction
12bumble24 21 napja
best bit thus far, the group giggles are a welcome infectious antidote to worldwide isolation n sad solitude IRL
Debbie Oland
Debbie Oland 21 napja
Great mono! and now I'm off to find the salad booth footage cause I missed that! Please try to keep some of this in the format when things go back, we'll miss it too much otherwise!
Teacher Starpants
Why are these my favorite part of the show????? New dream; be teased by James Corden on his show.
Maria T
Maria T 21 napja
We’re watching it, and we’re loving it!!!
Glitterplicity 21 napja
I never want this setup to end, even once the audience is back.
Alba Talie Phillips
I watch this show just for these bits
Alba Talie Phillips
Regarding Charlize Theron It's actually pronounced 'Tron' in Afrikaans
Dave's laugh is healing and wholesome 😀
Ruby Pamela
Ruby Pamela 21 napja
Text Now: Eight Five Six Three Two Four Seven Zero Seven Nine
Grant Holtfrerich
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Robin Gatz
Robin Gatz 21 napja
What is "the curic thing"?
No One
No One 20 napja
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Marielle 21 napja
here's to the ladies who brunch
Tseleng Botlhole
I am here to read comments of audience haters I miss the audience..... 😊
D Bone
D Bone 21 napja
World wide shortage of coffee... Oh noes. If only there were other caffeine delivery systems... Oh well... All jokes aside. As someone that doesn't have one of those mugs, but the motto still applies... James: "We may never speak to these people again." Us: "Oh thank god."
MCB12 21 napja
My favorite part of this is seeing that guy wearing a Sabrina Ionescu jersey #GoDucks
D Bone
D Bone 21 napja
"This is how you get into the friend zone." That's not something I thought I'd ever hear a man say to another man when speaking about a woman... I gotta say though... Dave's laugh and body language... Just that whole energy really... I get that *so* much... Such a horrible feeling.
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